Monday, February 20, 2012

Fashion parties

As you know, fashionistas party too, I found these pictures in app for Iphone , and decided to show my humid opinion about their outfits. I thought these pictures were perfect to show the transition between winter and spring, and they also show the trends in both of these seasons.

first the

Ok i love these outfits! the three of them , they are trendy well used , and these girls are gorgeous, i love the transparencies and the fabrics , they are a must!
This is how men should dress for parties , like honestly , the girls are the ones who need to care about all the fancy stuff, guys need just to look cue wearing what ever makes them feel confortable and presentable

I love this girls´s hairstyle ! so in fashion by now. Her personal style is shown in her out fit, so vintage and chic.

So beautiful , sexy and chic.